«J-Ropes» team

«J-Ropes» team


J-Ropes” is a team of three young and incredibly talented acrobats performing since 2010. They put together a combination of acrobatics and regular skipping rope into a fantastic and special circus act. Probably everyone at least once tried to use a jump rope as a sport tool or for a play when they were kids. But for Iurii, Denys and Inna skipping rope is performance equipment. All of them are professional circus artists.

The current cast is Iurii, Inna and Denys. Iurii and Inna graduated from Kiev Municipal Academy of Circus and Variety Arts (Kiev, Ukraine) back in 2010 with Double Dutch (Skipping Rope) act. Denys has joined the “J-Ropes” team in 2012 after his incredible path in gymnastics with Master of Sports achievement.

Double Dutch is quite rare, very impressive, energetic and dynamic circus act. Therefore, Maxima Artistic Agency works with this number from the very first moment of its production. Through many years of cooperation the “J-Ropes” team gained an outstanding stage experience, even though some members of the cast has been changed during act’s career.

Jump ropes are constantly moving and do not stop for a second. This number is filled with acrobatic elements and it looks fascinating. Combination of music, speed, level of difficulty makes this number so special. Audience simply loves and kids just go crazy from this act. Execution of elements is absolutely flawless, acrobats jump, roll, spin, twist in the air and pass the ropes to each other. This act is unique and will impress the audience by its smooth, light and fun routine.

Throughout representation by Maxima Artistic Agency Jump Ropes act was performed in many places and countries, on different settings: TV shows, Gala and production shows, in circus, Cruise lines, dinner-shows, etc. Among the places: “Cirque Phenix”, TV show “Le Plus Grand Cabaret Du Monde”, Apollo Variete, Star Cruise; TV show “Turkey Got Talent”; Cirque Du Soleil, 45 Degrees and much more to come! This act definitely deserves to be a part of the best shows around the world!

You can find pictures and video of their performance on Maxima Artistic Agency’s website. This act will impress spectators of all ages and will perfectly fit in to any show.

Article by Alex Kaminskyy