"KonAn" Circus SHOW


A new project has been launched by Circus Show Creation in February 2021. 

"KonAn" circus show by CSC Show Creation is an impressive show by two professional acrobats and circus performers, which lasts 45 minutes and includes various acts such as aerial straps, LED aerial bar, trapeze, cube juggling, LED Cyr wheel, etc. ... The show with its original concept has a variety of circus acts, dramatic arts, modern choreography, impressive tricks, innovative equipment and a real energy that will really impress the audience.

The idea of the show is one of the most interesting subjects in science fiction - "the portal", an extraordinary opening in space or time that connects travelers with distant realms. A portal is a guide, a door to the unknown. If only they really existed ... Magnetic portals are invisible, unstable, and elusive. They open and close without notice, so once your journey has started, you never know where you'll end up.