Talented multi skilled performer Constantin

Talented multi skilled performer Constantin


“Impossible!”, “Unreal!” – it’s exactly what you can hear in the audience during Constantin’s performance. But such words are not existing in his stage vocabulary. His strength and incredible talent are not average, it is way beyond human abilities. Since music started, with each second of the act you get captivated by everything that is happening. Unimaginable things performed on stage will make you think that it is absolutely effortless for Constantin. The level of stage presence and technique defines the style of this performer.

Constantin is a professional circus artist, studied at Kiev Municipal Academy of Circus and Variety Arts (Kiev, Ukraine). During his career performed in variety of shows in multiply genres. With such broad experience Constantin turned into a multi skilled performer.

By constantly building up his abilities the level of his performance was highly recognized in several genres, not to mention that he is an instructor and performer of high-wire acts. Over 10 years Constantin have lived and worked in Brazil developing and supporting circus art in Latin America. Since 2013 Maxima Artistic Agency represents Constantin on Color Line cruises where he is featured as leading performer of various shows.

In Constantin’s Cyr wheel act, he uses gravity and spinning force to create an incredible and unforgettable impression. As he spins across the stage you will get absolutely confident that giant metal wheel is under his full control. This is not even close comparison but anyone who at least once tried to play with hula hoop will say: “What this guy does – is insane”!

Constantin’s Cube act is must to see performance. It’s more like a dance of two super solid but at the same time flawless and soft partners. The Cube is literally dances on his palm, spins around his body, flies above his head and perfectly blends into the music and routine.

Straps act by Constantin will get you overwhelmed with emotions. It’s like a storm of incredible elements that echoes by thunder of applauses from the audience. One after one, simply unstoppable escalation of performance difficulty. Straps become an extension of his body lines that gives him ability to fly and demonstrate outstanding balance and physical abilities.

You can watch several videos of Constantin’s performance on Maximaaa.com . Of course, nothing could be better than real live performance, so to book this performer – please contact Maxima Artistic Agency with maximaartagency@gmail.com

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by Alex Kaminskyy