Escuela de Circo

Escuela de Circo "Maxima"


Escuela de circo “Maxima” was founded in Malaga, Spain in 2016 by Anatoliy and Maryna Bulakh, Ukrainian origin professional circus artists, aerial gymnasts on straps “Duo Maxima”.

The school offers classes of stretching, flexibility, hand balancing, acrobatics and of course aerial gymnastics on different types of equipment – straps, hummock, net, hoop, trapeze, web, silks, etc. There are several groups for kids from 3 to 14 years old as well as the groups for adults. The classes are offered for both beginners and advanced students.

The studying process at Escuela de circo “Maxima” not only includes physical training but also stage presence skills, acting, choreography and individual act staging.

The school is currently based in great sport facility at Polideportivo Arroyo de la Miel, Benalmadena, where the suspension system is done within a high quality safety standard.

The training is aimed to give the students a professionally designed, consistent and individual physical load as well as the positive energy and entertainment.

Escuela de circo "Maxima" often organizes acrobatics and aerial gymnastics workshops led by professional, experienced and famous circus artists from all over the world.