Maxima Artistic Agency & Show Production

Maxima Artistic Agency & Show Production


Maxima Artistic Agency is a well-known name in the circus and show industry. The company specializes in representing and producing unique circus acts and shows of any complexity and scale. The Agency was created in 2001 by Anatoliy and Maryna Bulakh (aerial gymnastics duo “Maxima”). Anatoliy’s education (director, circus and variety shows stager) and Marina (choreographer) allowed them to professionally create and properly develop their artistic agency.

Our experience and capabilities allow us to offer our partners a wide selection of exclusive circus, entertaining, theatrical shows, projects and events. The work process will be quickly and accurately organized with team of professionals.

Being on the market for more than 20 years now we have thousands of performers, circus talents of various genres, in our database. This allows our clients to determine the themes, acts and artists they would like to see in their show.

The success of each of our projects depends on its organization at all stages. That’s why we also providing services like auditions, rehearsal process organizing, props design and manufacturing, design and tailoring of costumes, we involve composers for writing musical compositions for separate acts or for creation of full-scaled shows, photo and video editing, we are also engaged in writing scripts and directing of shows.

Personalized approach to the tasks of each client requires a lot of experience and creativity. The professionalism of our team allows us to find an exclusive idea and solution for any setting according to stage conditions, technical capabilities, size and surrounding of the show, we offer original solutions for transformation of the stage, decorations, costumes and props.

The geography of our projects includes dozens of countries and the most prestigious stages of the world. Maxima Artistic Agency is proud of its customers, and our customers are glad to work with us. The unique style and quality of our work makes completed projects unforgettable for the spectators. That’s why Maxima Artistic Agency is a reliable partner in the world of entertainment and show production.

One more service of “Maxima” agency is live or online artistic auditions organizing. The casting can be organized in almost any country, since agency’s database includes artists from all over the world. Artists are always provided with documentary support during the execution of the contract, as well as assistance in visa issuing for traveling abroad. The main task of the agency is to protect both parties rights – the artist and the customer’s company, as in the event of a contract conclusion the agency acts as a guarantor of both parties obligations fulfillment.

In cooperation with Circus Show Creation Company, which provides a full range of services for “turn-key” circus shows, Maxima Artistic Agency also provides events with such stage equipment as LED screens, projection systems, sound equipment, decorations, circus props and so on.

The “Maxima Artistic Agency” continues to develop in new directions, opening new opportunities for event-companies and artists.

P.S. Due to a current situation in Ukraine we as an artistic agency are doing everything possible to support Ukrainian artists and provide them with a job at this difficult time! We are kindly asking all our partners around the world to give the preference to Ukrainian artists when planning events and booking the talents. Together we make a change!