By submitting this application form you agree with placing your media information (pictures, video and other media) for promotional purposes on and other internet resources of ours.

Duo to the new regulations of "Personal Data Protection" we’d like to notify the Artists that we currently hold their individual/company information in our database. Information that we currently hold includes, but is not limited to name and address(es), job titles, phone numbers, email addresses and artwork.

We are committed to protecting your information. The database is only accessible by a small number of staff. Your information and data is kept safe and treated as confidential. It will be used for business activities such as enquiries, proposals, quotations, as well as general communication, but will never be passed to a third party unless it is essential for an event being arranged.

If any of your details should change (such as new videos, photos, or an update to your resume), please send us your new information (with your act’s link from our website, for example or your number on our website, for example Duo AlexS 625) and we will change it accordingly. Please note that the changes will be accepted only from the person that has filled this application form.

Thank you for joining us!!!

Your information will be added to the database and verified by the agency’s casting department. If your photo and video material will be of suitable quality, your number will be also added to the website.